1. Are Storage Units Responsible For Theft?

    So you’ve rented a personal storage unit. Maybe you even nabbed one of our SOL Storage locations in Santa Fe. Great! Whether you’re moving, downsizing, going on vacation or retiring, it’s nice to have a place to store your personal (and valuable) belongings. While our affordable, friendly sel…Read More

  2. What Size Unit Do You Need?

      Whatever your situation is, if you’re planning on renting a storage unit, it can be an endless game of Tetris, but not nearly as much fun. Making sure you have the right sized unit begins with taking an inventory of your belongings and becoming familiar with a tape measure and calculator. At S…Read More

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    Things to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

    It sounds fairly simple, but there are a lot of things to think about before renting a storage unit. If you’re moving, downsizing, or just need some extra space and have never rented a unit before, here is some important information to read through before signing up. At SOL Storage, our priority …Read More

  4. Personal Storage

    How To Choose A Storage Facility

    When you’re looking for a personal storage facility, there’s more to look at than the location and the price. Whether you need a long or short-term storage unit, you are ultimately putting your possessions into the hands of someone else so you want to know that the facility safe, secure, and pr…Read More

  5. Times You May Need a Storage Unit

    You’ll never know what life may bring your way and the many transitional phases sometimes require some maneuvering of your possessions. Whether you’re moving from one place to another or need some extra space, a self-storage unit is sometimes your best option for keeping your items safe and sec…Read More

  6. Welcome To Our Storage Unit’s Blog!

    Life happens and then you need a storage unit! You’ll never know when it will happen, or even what, but there will always be times when you need some extra space. Transitioning from one place to another, downsizing, or an unexpected long-term trip away from home, if you need to store your couch, …Read More